Everyday Adventure


Where an extraordinary outing is just another.....

                                   Everyday Adventure!

How our Adventure Began

     It all started on a little league ball field....two girls talking about a simple kayak trip on the Homochitto River.  By the end of their first paddle, they decided to set sights on their first epic adventure together.....a 100 mile kayak race in Texas!  Two first place medals and a new record for all female tandem boat over the course of 100 miles and Everyday Adventure was born!

We want to take the personal fitness and outdoor knowledge we've acquired through first-hand experience and put it to work for others looking to make a lifestyle change by improving their personal fitness and outdoor activities. We have over 50 years of combined experience in fitnes and outdoor adventure in our areas ranging from mountain bike racing across the mountains of Costa Rica to guided horseback trips across the continental divide, kayaking and camping on the Colorado and Mississippi rivers to coaching soccer, basketball, cross country running, and kickboxing instruction.